Transit of Venus 2012

When and Where to Watch

In Tennessee (and the rest of the eastern half of the US,) the transit begins approximately 5:04 pm Central Daylight Time and will continue past sunset. In Nashville on June 5, sunset is 8:02 pm, though the Sun will be hidden behind trees, hills, or buildings some time before then.

Come to Adventure Science Center on June 5 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm for demonstrations and, weather permitting, observations of the Transit of Venus. If the weather's clear, we'll be watching with the Barnard Seyfert Astronomical Society until sunset around 8:00 pm.

There is no need to watch the entire event. Times to watch out for, though, are 5:04 pm, when the leading edge of Venus first reaches the edge of the Sun's disc, and 5:22 pm, when Venus is completely past the edge.

Other Observing Events

We hope you can join as at Adventure Science Center, but there are several other places in the area where people will be gathering to enjoy the transit:

Watch Online

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In the 1760's, observers around the world attempted to time Transits of Venus down to the second in an attempt to measure the size of the solar system. Now, you can help recreate that experiment on your smartphone! If you can observe the transit live, with a magnified image (such as through a pinhole projection or a safely filtered telescope, don't forget to download the free Transit of Venus App for your smartphone!